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Google Drive Direct Link for Wordpress

 We just build a tool called " Google Drive Direct Link for Wordpress " to convert your simple Google Drive image url to embeddable image url. It will work to add images from url to your HTML or Wordpress media. This tool accept your Google drive public URL. Once you click on submit, it will provide you new curated URL which can be embed in HTML or Wordpress blog (feature image or normal media). You can visit and test this tool at your own -  Google Drive Direct Link for Wordpress
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HTML To Text Conversion

We just build a tool called " HTML To Text " conversion for easy access and helpful to our daily task. This tool will automatically delete all the HTML elements from the entire web page's code or just a portion of it, leaving only the text content you choose. This tool uses PHP as backend, which accept string with HTML tags. It process the string and remove all XML tags, styles, scripts etc. from the string and return human readable text as output. You can visit and test this tool at your own - HTML to Text Converter

Windows 10: DNS Flush

Since flushing the DNS totally destroys all of the data saved in the cache, it is effective for getting rid of problematic caches. To Flush the DNS Cache: 1. At the bottom left corner, type ' cmd ' in the Start menu's  search bar , and press  Enter . Alternately you can open " RUN " using Windows+R key and type " cmd " and press Enter . 2. Type ' ipconfig /flushdns ' in the Command Prompt, and press  Enter . 3. The user has now flushed the DNS Cache and will receive a message that they have successfully done so.


We have another domain.  We published another website on 16 June 2016.  Bruhaspatinath Tea House It is website for miscellaneous content like information of places, poems in various languages, editorials, thoughts, technologies etc. Marathi Poems: We have a category which contain hundreds of Marathi poems. Please visit the category and read the poems. link -  Marathi Poems Places: We are going to focus on all major cities of Maharashtra in future. We will list the places of those cities where people use to visit during tours. Currently we have list of places from Shirpur city. Find the places under Places category. Bhakti Lyrics: We are trying to upload the bhakti lyrics under Bhakti category. You will find daily bhakti sangeet lyrics like Arati, Stotra, Chalisa etc under this category. You can check lyrics like Ganapati Arati, Maruti Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa, Regional Bhakti Geet etc. Hindi Movies: We are uploading short information about the old and latest Hindi movies to support the

Purpose of our website

Just Published this site... We are trying to share the demos of our code. Working on following technologies. Currently we want to provide some online application. The working is going on, on the applications. We done with some applications. The applications are hosted on a site for demo purpose. The source code is available on Github. 1. CodeIgniter Admin Panel System:          This the demo of User Management System (Admin Panel) using CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework and AdminLTE bootstrap theme. You can download the code from the repository or forked it to contribute. Usage and installation instructions are provided in ReadMe.MD . Demo link and login details: CodeIgniter Admin Panel Email : Password : codeinsect 2. Feedbacker using CodeIgniter:           Small companies needs some software to keep track of their customers and provided services (communication purpose). This system is developed to fulfil their needs. The companies which are providi